Slow motion sprint

Though the years went fast,
The past and future became a blur.

But the present seems to constantly last,
All it does is make her unsure.

Welcome to the slow motion sprint.
Where your soul is illuminated by a subtle glint.

The moment between chaos and calm,
Like a wave ready to announce it’s presence.

She feels the air and it’s dewey balm,
Too soon comes the moon and it’s half crescent.

Welcome to the slow motion sprint.
Each moment feels like a lifetime stint.

Don’t forget to hold on tight,
There are curves you have yet to know.

The moment will come when it all feels right,
Just keep your dreams in tow.

Welcome to the slow motion sprint.
Wear the glasses with the rose-colored tint.

The present will start to feel like home,
The race will soon be over.

No longer will you roam,
Let’s find that four leaf clover.

Welcome to the slow motion sprint,
Time to find the next blueprint.

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