What I’m doing instead of making resolutions

I don’t know if I believe in resolutions, but I do believe in learning from every experience life brings you. This year was filled with the deepest valleys and the hardest trek upwards for a lot of people. But wow did we gain some strength. I often tell people I feel I’ve grown more through this year than any other year of my life. I reflected on the things that I probably avoided before and it was so nice to learn the feeling of contentment.

I hope all of you are proud of yourselves and content with where you are even for just tonight. You are already a person who’s grown, you don’t need to fulfill a resolution to tell you that. This is what I’m doing instead of making resolutions this year.

I’m telling myself congratulations

No matter what, you did a great job this year. I know most of us are not in a career we thought we’d be in, or as financially stable as we’d like, but who expected this year? Be proud of growth in other areas.

I’m checking in with my mental health

When I don’t take the time to write or calm my mind, my mind moves way too fast. I encourage you to just check in with yourself and make sure you’re still putting time into the things that bring you peace.

I’m silently succeeding

My mom actually gave me this phrase (thanks mom), but what I mean is I’m growing every day. It’s okay if you don’t have huge announcement to make to the world as long as you’re happy with the progress you’re making. We’re not all going to succeed at the same things in life, but I guarantee there are people who admire your skill set.

I’m going for it

Sometimes I think we spend a lot of time making plans or resolutions, but never actually following through. If I have an interest, I’m just going to dive in. That’s the best way to learn and grow in whatever hobby or life change that may be.

I’m trusting myself

My biggest enemy used to be self-doubt. I’ve now shown myself that I can do anything with really hard work. I no longer get nervous about the future because I trust in myself to make my dreams happen. You know yourself best and are the only person who’s experienced every moment of your life. Trust this and trust any decision that makes you feel true to yourself.

What are you proud of yourself for this year? It can be absoutely anything, I often think the smallest accomplisments make the largest waves. Happy New Year!

“There are years that ask questions, and years that answer.”- Zora Neale Hurston

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