Don’t take a backseat to your life

For a majority of my life I’ve watched YouTubers live out my dreams. I was captivated by those living a life of travel in their van or converted school bus. I watched hours of their lives and almost transported myself into a fantasy world. I wanted to absorb every minute of their content because it felt like something I should be doing.

Recently, I realized while I was gaining knowledge on how to build out a van or travel smart, I wasn’t doing any of it. I was merely a spectator of the life I dreamed of. I needed to start taking my own steps towards these goals.

If you’ve ever had an ambition to do something but felt it was out of reach, I urge you to try. The first step may be small, but after that it seems to be a snowball effect. Although Covid put many plans on hold (especially travel), we can still learn in the meantime. Support the people living the life you want, but don’t forget to actually start living it. I wanted to share three steps that can help you make that first step.

  1. Learn a skill related to your goal
    • I want to live van life one day so I need to better understand how to work with tools and the “reno” process. I want to start by building shelves and decor so I can learn the basics. Begin with one aspect and work your way up so the final project doesn’t seem so huge! When you dive in, you won’t have to learn everything at once.
  2. Start an Instagram related to your passions
    • My Instagram (and this blog) relate to mental health, coffee and travel. I grow so much by writing content frequently and following others with similar interests. Instagram will keep you accountable because you have a community you look froward to sharing with. It helps you learn while allowing you to stay creative and fresh on the topics you love.
  3. Talk to anyone who knows more than you do
    • Most of my best life experiences came from a single random conversation. Talking to people who are already doing what you want to do is extremely helpful. They’ll be real with you because they often want to share their mistakes. They may even take you under their wing and teach you some of the basics!

Moral of the story- don’t sit back and watch others live the life you want. Go for it yourself! I’m a firm believer that we can do anything we put 110% percent into. Stop taking a backseat to your own life. You’ll start to realize you’re capable of living the life you watched on YouTube for so many years.

What is your first step going to be?

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