Coffee gift guide- enneagram edition

I compiled a gift guide for all of the coffee lovers out there based off enneagram type! However, I think these gifts are great for any personality type. 🙂 The two places I call home are Mississippi and Ohio, so I chose local shops I love from each state. The best part- almost all of them ship so you can order from home! When looking for gifts this year PLEASE shop local. They need your help more than you realize. That $30 you spend on a Christmas gift goes a long way in today’s climate. Let’s get shopping!

Type 1- The Reformer

The reformer is ready to make some change for the better. They need a mug they can carry around while making an impact in their community. This Guy’s Coffee has you covered.

Type 2- The Helper

The helper is always giving to others, so not give back to them for a change? Rising Star Coffee Roasters offers a monthly 1 lb subscription box. This is the gift that keeps on giving!

Type 3- The Achiever

The achiever is constantly striving for more and they need a tote bag to keep up with all their projects. St. Anne the Tarte has the perfect one! Also check out their opportunities to send treats to those in the healthcare industry.

Type 4- The Individualist

The individualist likes to have a unique mug that shows off their creative side. Ghostlight offers a ton of unique (and local) merchandise and roast options. If you’re in Ohio, be sure to check out one of their two locations! You can also purchase gift cards for your friends in the Dayton area!

Type 5- The Investigator

The investigator wants to try it all out and analyze before committing. That’s why this sampler box from Press Coffee Bar is perfect!

Type 6- The Loyalist

The loyalist is probably a regular at their local coffee shop. Pick up a bag of their favorite blend or try out the house blend from Strange Brew! They have a very loyal customer base for good reason.

Type 7- The Enthusiast

The enthusiast needs a fun coffee to match their energetic and spontaneous personality. This flavored roast from Cups is one of my favorites, but be sure to check out the Costa Rican and Captain Gabriel’s blends as well! I worked here for years so I’m biased, but you can’t go wrong.

Type 8- The Challenger

The challenger likes to be in control and is often the decision maker! They need equipment to have complete control over their coffee experience. Check out the gear from Deeper Roots. They also offer virtual classes that are perfect for the 8 to gain more coffee power!

Type 9- The Peacemaker

The peacemaker gives me those warm, cozy feelings. What better gift than a reusable coffee sleeve or a beanie to keep them warm and cozy as well? Stauf’s has some great merch and roasts to check out!

This doesn’t even scratch the surface of all my favorite shops- but it’s a start. Let me know what coffee shops you are supporting this holiday season!

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