The Interview Shirt

This one is for all of you struggling with unemployment this year. I lost two jobs in March and like many, am battling it out over the few jobs available. I’ve gone through multiple interviews just to be ghosted. I’ve also had some great interviews where I learned a lot about myself and new companies, but it wasn’t the right fit. I am proud of the things I’ve accomplished in my personal life during this time and you should be too. I know some days test your strength, but you are not defined by a job. Make your own successes and the world will start to recognize them. 🙂

It hangs a little lower every day,

It’s seen the seasons change.

Maybe today it will go our way.

This world, isn’t it so strange?

The shirt that says put me in,

I’m ready for our big win.

Grab it at a moment’s notice,

It seems the world isn’t ready.

Never could they warn us,

The wait becomes a bit heavy.

The shirt that says it’s been too long,

What could I be doing wrong?

Yet it remains draped on the door,

Still a fighter even if your mind is worn down.

Bring it on, we will interview once more.

No longer in our sorrow will we drown.

The shirt that says I’m here for you,

When the time comes the job will be too.

The days may drag on,

But look at all you’ve discovered.

You’ve already won,

Those hidden passions finally uncovered.

The shirt that says maybe your journey is shifting.

Well isn’t that uplifting?

3 Thoughts on “The Interview Shirt

  1. Love this! I’m with you in the interview process / ghosting situations. I finally gave up on my previous job calling me back in & am looking for new jobs. I need to find my interview shirt that will lead me to the next chapters 😊👌🏻

    1. I’m sorry that you’re going through this too but we are definitely all in it together! Yes! Bigger and better things are coming for you I’m sure 🙂

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