Speak kindly to others

Today started off pretty melancholy. My mood mirrored the rain outside and I was in a pretty negative head space. That’s easy to do these days and I wasn’t really trying to pull myself out of it. I was ready to just give up on being positive today, until I had a conversation that changed my outlook.

This person paused on the fact that times are hard right now and told me to keep going. He didn’t try to brush over the last few months I’ve spent searching for a job, he didn’t act like everything was fine in the world. But he did tell me to keep working hard and validated the efforts I’ve made with this blog.

I left the conversation smiling for the first time today. This made me think about how incredibly simple it is to turn someone else’s day around. You never know how much someone needs reassurance or a kind word. I focus a lot on speaking kindly to yourself, but today I wanted to focus on how you can speak kindly to others.

Here are five ways to turn someone’s day around:

  1. Compliment something other than appearance. Tell them you love their personality or the way they make everyone around them laugh.
  2. Grab some coffee or tea for your spouse/family on a Saturday morning. It’s such a simple act that is greatly appreciated.
  3. Show one of your favorite creator’s love in their DMs. Tell them how much their content impacts you and how you relate to their captions.
  4. Ask your local barista or bartender how they’re doing. They know a lot about other people, but people don’t always know a lot about them.
  5. Buy from a local shop and make a point to compliment their merchandise. Small businesses are struggling right now and they need a little boost!

Let me know how you’re doing and any small acts of kindness you like to practice! 🙂

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