20 things I learned in my 20s

As I write this I’m 25 and feel like I’ve adequately experienced my 20s. I always love reading other blogger’s versions of this trend and wanted to give it a try. Your 20s are a wildly confusing, chaotic, but essential time in your life and I’ve learned some important lessons.

Here are 20 things I learned in my 20s:

  1. You have to go for it full-heartedly, things are not handed to you
  2. Coffee does actually make it better
  3. Solo travel is an important part of growth
  4. Some friendships are built to last a lifetime, even w/o talking every day
  5. Alcohol should only be used in celebration, not in sadness
  6. Hobbies are necessary and you should always have at least one
  7. You are much more resilient than you think
  8. You will break hearts and your heart will be broken, take the time to heal
  9. Life is unconventional, just write your own story
  10. Workout classes are worth the investment
  11. Time spent laughing with family is the best cure
  12. Toxicity is always the easier option, choose happiness instead
  13. Co-workers will become some of the most trusted people in your life
  14. Never stop dreaming, but realize it might not happen tomorrow
  15. Always have pasta and a frozen pizza on deck
  16. Not everyone is going to understand your decisions, do it anyways
  17. Wake up earlier, there is so much to be admired in the mornings
  18. Having a customer service related skill (barista anyone?) is priceless
  19. You will forgive yourself, don’t let your mistakes destroy you
  20. Go to every concert you can, the memories are priceless

I would love to know if you relate to any of these or have any lessons of your own! 🙂

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