How to be comfortable alone

I recently spent an entire day doing things for myself, by myself. I love these days because they allow me to refocus and recharge my social energy. I am one who is not afraid to be alone, but I realized it took me awhile to get to this point. I used to feel extremely uncomfortable when large groups passed me and I was browsing the store solo. However, I now cherish these moments of solitude. I use the time to either reflect inward, or to give my mind a break and focus on the simplicity of the moment.

Here is some ways to ease into spending time by yourself:

  1. Sit at a coffee shop
    • It’s pretty normal to see other people sitting by themselves working on their blog or their school work. You can spend hours in a cafe alone and I guarantee you will see so many others doing the same. It’s also a great way to meet people!
  2. Go shopping
    • You’ll be so focused on looking through the racks that you won’t have time to get inside your head. Tons of people shop alone and it’s the best because you can take your time! Want to try on 5 sizes of the same pants? Do it! No one is around to rush you.
  3. Find a walking trail
    • I used to frequent a trail that surrounded a park and was next to the water. It was the most peaceful place to reflect and was safe because there were tons of families around. Plus, a majority of people were there to workout alone. It was nice to feel the camaraderie of other runners or cyclists passing by.
  4. Get a freelance gig
    • The best part about working for a newspaper was I had an excuse to why I was alone anywhere. It is completely normal to see a freelance writer or photographer solo because they’re focused on working. I’ve attended concerts, political rallies and festivals alone with an excuse to talk to anyone. I interviewed those around me and not a single person questioned it. It showed me that people genuinely just want to talk and they do not even second guess why you’re alone.
  5. Always have a book
    • I keep a book in my car at all times because it allows me to take time for myself at any moment. Sometimes a certain setting can seem intimidating to tackle alone, but pull out a book and suddenly no one even gives you a second look. It can also help you feel more comfortable because you’ll get distracted and take the time to relax.

It all comes down to being confident! Your perception of how you look while alone is so magnified. Those around you are too busy carrying out their lives to notice- I promise. The benefits of spending time with your thoughts far outweighs any awkwardness you might feel. Let me know your favorite place to spend time alone!

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