5 relaxing ways to enjoy autumn

Pumpkin patches, orchards and vineyards come alive during this season and the simple joys become more prominent. Maybe it’s because the chill in the air makes us more present, or the beauty in the falling leaves brings up back to earth. Whatever it is, autumn is a season of renewal and gratitude for the everyday moments. I want to offer 5 ways to fully embrace the peace autumn provides.

  1. Revamp your bedroom
    • I spend a lot more time curled up in a blanket during this season, so I painted a thrifted bedside table and added the fall essentials. It is now stocked with candles, books and pumpkins so that I can fully relax at home. Even just decluttering your bedroom or moving around the furniture can provide a more peaceful space.
  2. Find a relaxing project
    • As we start to spend more time indoors, it can be hard to find things to occupy your time. I like to paint because it relaxes me and allows me to shift my focus away from social media for a few hours.
  3. Find a workout studio
    • I just joined Spenga (a spin, strength, yoga studio) because I often find it hard to workout in the coming months. I need something to keep me accountable because running outside becomes less appealing in the cold. The yoga portion allows me to center myself. Find the fitness routine that works for you.
  4. Grab a journal
    • I tend to reflect inward a lot during this time, so it’s nice to get my thoughts out through writing (hence this blog). Having a physical journal is so nice because putting pen to paper forces you to just let your thoughts flow.
  5. Curate a relaxing playlist
    • I love music. I could listen to it at all times and I like to have an autumn playlist filled with relaxing, folky music. It’s nice to have an automatic mood booster while getting things done at home. Some of my favorite artists right now are John Craigle, Joe Kaplow and Trevor Hall. Put on some music and let yourself get lost in the lyrics!

What are your favorite ways to relax during this new season?

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