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After a quick weekend trip to Columbus, Ohio, I honestly fell in love. I’ve been to Columbus before, but this time felt different. There was an energy in the air (probably perpetuated by the college freshmen buzzing with excitement around the city) and I left feeling inspired.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite spots so you can experience this same joy if you ever make the trip!

The Brekkie Shack


  1. Northstar Cafe
    • The outdoor seating option is great here and they have a lot of vegetarian-friendly dishes! They have fresh ingredients and I loved the salads.
  2. Brekkie Shack
    • The avocado toast was so good and so filling! The decor is minimalist yet stylish. They have lots of coffee options too.
  3. Forno
    • This is a great dinner spot because they have unique pizzas and aesthetically pleasing decor for a night out with friends! You’ll notice it immediately with the bright orange umbrellas outside.


  1. Fox in the Snow
    • Anyone that’s been to or lived in Columbus knows about this place. It is a local favorite and you should definitely try the pastries. The banana bread and blueberry scones were our favorites!
  2. Stauf’s Coffee
    • The reason we ended up here is because their is a giant book loft next door, but I’m so glad we did. It’s tucked away in a little garden and offers coffee for people who know about coffee- they roast their own beans! 🙂 They had all of their roasts listed and an option to satisfy everyone.
  3. The Roosevelt
    • I’ll be honest I didn’t try the coffee here, but my sister loved the iced matcha. What I love is that they fight hunger, sex trafficking and other major problems. They also have plenty of social distanced seating so you can hang out and study or converse with friends.


  1. Milestone 229
    • This place has a great view of the water while still located in the heart of downtown. Their patio is beautiful and the drinks were very fresh.
  2. Local Cantina
    • The cucumber lime margarita is delish and they serve their tacos individually so you can order just one to go with your drink.

Let me know if you’ve ever been to Columbus or your favorite spot to travel for a quick trip!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading! Yeah it was definitely a different experience with the pandemic. Sorry to hear it’s getting worse there. Hopefully soon we will all be traveling again! 🙂

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