Silence the noise & stay positive

Do you have a movie scene that seems to stick with you throughout life? Or maybe a song that plays on repeat in your mind and you have no idea why? My scene is from the movie Uptown Girls- it came out in the early 2000s so a little throwback here. The scene shows a little girl who decides to go ride the teacups at an amusement park after going through a particularly challenging time. She spins around and around until her babysitter finds her and silently joins in her melancholy.

It is such a simple scene, yet it holds immense power. The two are simply trying to escape for a moment and tune out the noise. They spin endlessly, finding comfort in the repetition the teacups provide. I resonate with this scene every time life feels out of control and especially now during the stressful climate we all live in.

I think many of us are looking for that escape. We are looking for a way out of the pandemic nightmare and into any form of stability. Some are searching for a job, others a place to call their own, possibly a combination of both. It is so hard right now and it is fair to recognize that life is not going as planned for most of us. However, we have to find our own way to tune out the noise.

We cannot absorb everything that the world wants us to and stay sane. We are bombarded by noise on our phones, on social media, in conversation- literally everywhere. There is so much negativity being pushed on us every second of every day and we can’t possible digest all of it while trying to maintain our personal lives. But guess what- we don’t have to. We have the choice to focus our minds and our intentions elsewhere and let positivity flourish.

I challenge you to commit to time in silence every day. Whether this is five minutes in the morning reading an uplifting book, or 30 minutes at night relaxing in a face mask and bubble bath- do whatever suits you. Take this time to reset and think about what your future will hold after all of this is over. Think about the time you’ve spent reconnecting with family or friends, the garden you finally started because you had the time, or simply how nice the sunset was today. You’ve got this!

Take this image of the teacup with you when things get overwhelming. Cherish the ride and make the most of your time spent in silence. We will make it out of this, even if it feels like the world is spinning in circles right now. Take it one spin at a time and let the hope of new beginnings guide you through.

“Every story has an end. But in life, every ending is just a new beginning.”- Uptown Girls

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