Make your passion a priority

I started this blog my freshman year of college. To put this into perspective- I have now been out of college for three years. That is probably the longest I have ever stuck with a side project in my life. However, I get discouraged like many others in the blogging or freelance world. How do I grow? How do I share my ideas with the world? How do I turn this into a career? This becomes overwhelming and often leads me to give up because I don’t even know where to start.

I put this blog on the back burner for many years. I was busy with life, my career, just trying to keep afloat in the world all of us face. I wasn’t seeing the growth I wanted because I wasn’t investing in the education or the resources to do so. I decided to change that and want to offer five steps you can take today to make your passion a priority.

  1. Pay for your blog
    • What I mean by this is own your domain name. I switched my blog from the free WordPress version to self-hosted by Siteground over a year ago. This motivated me to write more because I was paying for the space. It also allows more flexibility in what you do with your blog.
  2. Educate yourself
    • I started with Jordan Lee Dooley’s free work from home workshop. This was a 50 minute video that helps you put your passion into perspective. It makes you think about the business side of things and formulate a plan.
    • I am currently taking Ell Duclos’ Pinterest course. This course is only $39 and so far it has been really helpful. It shows you how to optimize your Pins to drive traffic back to your blog.
  3. Make a blog Instagram
    • While I don’t think this leads to tremendous growth (the IG algorithm is still a mystery to me) this is a great place to find inspiration. I follow other bloggers and business accounts to gain insight into what the rest of the community is doing.
  4. Simplify
    • I often struggled to find topics to write about because my blog was all over the place. While I still cover a wide range of topics, I’ve narrowed my menu to three main points: coffee, conversation, and travel. The conversation tab allows me to explore everything from anxiety to poetry, but makes it easier for the reader to sift through my content. It also keeps me on track!
  5. Photograph everything
    • I often felt I lacked the photos to accompany my blog/Instagram posts. I now photograph anything that strikes me as aesthetic. This could be the flowers on my morning walk or a beautiful coffee shop. This allows me to maintain fresh images and provides inspiration for new posts.

My growth is very much a work in progress but these are five easy steps you can take today! Remember, just because you’re not making money on your passion doesn’t make it any less valuable. This blog directly correlates to the social media marketing and journalistic environment of my career path. Take a look at how your side project contributes to growth in your paying job and I guarantee you’ll become more motivated! Stick with it and remember…

“Your only limit is your mind.”

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