The Hum

The hum begins as a melancholy ring,

Penetrating my ears disguised as a harmony.

Much too early for the birds to sing.

Up in a daze, but only temporarily.

Feel the bite of the cold morning air,

It’s only 45 to be fair.

The hum transforms to the gears that turn,

Carrying us on our way to the ivory towers.

Here is where we all adjourn.

Along come the welcoming hours.

It is these moments where I feel connected,

All of life’s problems so easily dissected.

The hum returns, dropping the disguise this time,

Others seem to welcome its presence.

All become one with each door chime.

The sky makes note of a new celestial emergence.

The hum in the air combined with the espresso we tare.

The view of sunrise in the cafe we share.

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