Top 5 ways to conquer solitude

The following are my top 5 ways to remain calm and collected during this new season of solitude. I would love to know what passions you rediscovered during this time!

IMG_1504 2Consume inspirational content

Many of our days are spent trying to fill them during this time of isolation. Instead of having too little time, for the first time we are experiencing too much time. While it is important to stay informed, it is also important to stay inspired. I am actively choosing the content I consume to remain optimistic.

A recent find is Magnolia Journal by Joanna and Chip Gaines. Not only is it loaded with home decor ideas, it also touches on subjects that uplift the soul!

Change your feng shui

I thought about rearranging my room for several months before finally taking the simple steps to do so. Changing the position of my bed allowed for a lighter feel and more space to breathe. It went as far to change my sleeping patterns, now offering a peaceful and uninterrupted night. The term feng shui translates to wind-water in English and focuses on connecting individuals with their natural surroundings. It is remarkable what simple changes in your space can influence in your overall attitude toward life.

Embrace the arts


An easy and affordable activity to occupy both your time and mind is to pick up a paintbrush, some clay, or whatever artistic method moves you. Use this time to work on a skill you normally only have time to dream about. Art isn’t your thing? Try putting on some music. I recently rediscovered a playlist from 2017 and fell in love with some old favorites. Take a chance to let your mind relax while soaking up the benefits that artistic expressions can offer.

Declutter your phone

Go through all of your apps and decide which ones no longer serve a purpose in your life. I even deleted the Facebook app so the only time I can access it is on my laptop for work. Finished with that? Go through your emails and create folders for important information you choose to save. You don’t even realize how much space those little notifications take up in your thoughts until you get rid of them.

When you’re done with that… take a break from your phone! It is so easy to get caught up in social media when you have increased free time. I’ve started to leave my phone in another room while reading so I don’t have the temptation to check it every time my eyes drift from the page.

Check in with yourself

cropped-img_02081.pngWhen all of this first started, I was trying to fill every second of the day with reorganization, exercising or going to get coffee from a local shop. While all of these things are highly important to your overall routine, you need to check in with your mental health. I never thought I was one to avoid being alone with my own thoughts, but lately I’ve started to do just that.

I was letting the need to be productive overshadow my need to find mental clarity. I wasn’t writing because this often forces me to pay attention to my own thoughts. Don’t forget about yourself during this time. As much as others are stressed around you, you have your own needs to attend to. Everyone has a battle they’ve avoided fighting, and this time of solitude gives us the chance to face it with all the strength in the world.

“Live less out of habit and more out of intent”

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