Going part-time

Much of my life thus far has been spent full-time. Whether I was a full-time student, barista, or writer, I put every ounce of my energy into life.

Living your life full-time is exhausting. It can lead to burnout before you even recognize whats happening. Recently, I decided to go part-time and it might be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I packed up my belongings and brought them 10 hours away to my parent’s house. I took on a part-time position at a local coffee shop and am taking a break to collect myself. I would like to share how taking the time to refocus your life can alter everything about you in the best way possible.



Taking a moment to breathe makes you realize that many of your prior stressors are trivial in the end. I now have time to do laundry and realize it’s really not the end of the world if I end up doing it on Saturday. Working out has become a way to soak in the day, rather than to escape it.


As someone who has many passions that change with the direction of the wind, it can be hard for me to fully commit to any of them. Taking this break has shown me what I’m drawn to when I have down time. Writing always takes precedence and remains a huge part of my life. I know this is a passion that needs to remain part of my life no matter what the future holds.

New options

This break has opened my mind to the many different ways to have a successful future, both financially and personally. I met so many others through the coffee industry that are pursuing their passions of writing while working part-time. They are also in their 20s and finding happiness away from the corporate world. If bartending makes you happy and supports you financially, do it. Don’t let the expectations of the world keep you chained to a desk.

Ditch negativity

This move allowed me to say goodbye to negative influences on my life. Whether this was using alcohol as a stress reliever, or staying in a relationship purely out of comfort, I left it all behind. Of course there were hard goodbyes, but those that are meant to remain part of your story will, with a little bit of effort.

Meet yourself

When you are giving 100% of yourself to a job, a relationship, or to school and it is not bringing you satisfaction, you lose yourself. If your eye is always on the end goal, how can you see yourself in the process? Previously, I ran through each day until life was a blur. Taking this time has shown me who I am today. I’ve grown to fall in love with moments spent in solitude and to respect the person I’ve worked so hard to become.


I understand my circumstance is unique. You may not be able to move home and quitting your full-time job might not be an option. However, a career change might be. Taking a few vacation days that you’ve been saving for “what if” might be. Waking up an hour earlier to spend time at your favorite coffee shop before work might be.

Sometime’s giving 75% to life is okay. The world will still spin without you spiraling alongside it. Take a moment to be patient with yourself and allow new opportunities to enter your life. When the time is right, pick up momentum and reach that 100% again, this time, with heart attached to it.

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