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I’ve been exploring a new local… I made my new home in Ohio! The best part about moving to a new city is exploring the local coffee shops. I think this is the best way to understand the culture and meet some fascinating individuals.

I recently visited Coffee Hub in both Beavercreek and Xenia, OH. They have three locations, the last one located in a library. I love this concept because it caters to a wide variety of personalities.



I was drawn to this space purely because of the artwork on the wall in the Beavercreek location. The Tour de France mural is a great addition to the large selection of baked goods coming out of the double doors in the back. The shop works in partnership with a local bakery that produces gluten free and vegan goods (which are delicious by the way).

The other location in Xenia, OH, is connected to a cafe and community space. The bicycle theme carries on but the tall ceilings and large windows give off a light an airy feeling. They have a collage of tables and I preferred this atmosphere to the prior.


Xenia location


Okay now the most important part- how was the coffee? I ordered a medium roast both times and was impressed! I also ordered an egg and cheese biscuit at the Xenia location and was pleasantly surprised by how large it was.

The vegan chocolate chip cookies were also fantastic. From the several customers that walked directly to the pastry shelf while I was there, I could tell coffee is not the only draw to the cafe.


So what makes this place different from the many other coffee shops in the state? They offer an interesting (and very trusting) system for their morning regulars. They have their drip coffee situated on a bar away from the counter and a drop box for cash. This way those on their busy morning commute can drop the $1-$2 needed to cover their daily coffee without waiting in line.

They also offer an adorable rewards punch card to save some cash every once in awhile.


Check out more info on Coffee Hub here. I would definitely recommend visiting, especially the Xenia location, and trying the pastries while you’re there!



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