Thread and needle, sew it just right.

Oh my girl, you will be finished tonight.

A stitch here and there, leave room for the heart.

Off into the world, you are ready for your start.

Here are your bags, ready to be filled.

You have so much to see, so much to build.

Look there you go, you did your first dance.

A seam came loose, but there is always that chance.

The years fly by and you are always quite sure.

But here come some hardships you will inevitably endure.

With each hard goodbye, a new seam is torn.

A battle scar to proudly be worn.


You become well traveled,

But I see the seams continue to unravel.

These holes leave room for emptiness to manifest,

Oh this is the part I detest.

You forget me as you enter your fights,

Filled will unhappiness and endless nights.

I keep a close eye, and when that last stitch is pulled,

You look up to the sky and your pain is dulled.

My girl, here I am with thread in hand.

There is only so much a Father can stand.

Let’s fix you up and get you on your way,

You know I am here and together we pray.

‘Be gone to sorrow, poison and greed,

Let’s make the change that you need.’

Now remember your heart, for it was always there.

The world is waiting for you to share.

There you are, sewn up and made right.

Oh my girl, you are complete tonight.


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