What to do in Little Rock, Arkansas

I visited Little Rock, Arkansas, on a whim. I knew very little about the area but was attempting to explore the outdoors for a change. I expected to spend hours hiking and evenings relaxing in a quiet city- but wow, was I surprised.

Little Rock actually has a thriving downtown area and an “artsy” vibe that would make an hipster jump out of their Doc Martens. Instead of spending time in the great outdoors (which is definitely an option in the area), I was captured by the excitement of the city and spent time in the concrete jungle instead.

I highly recommend visiting! Little Rock is probably the opposite of what you expect and in the best way possible. Of course, I spent most of my time exploring coffee shops, so here are some spots to check out! Stay tuned for more suggestions in a later blog post.

The Meteor

img_0517.jpgThis coffee/bike shop (yes, you read that right) offers an incredible selection of coffee and breakfast items accompanied by a bike store/tune-up service. The coffee shop offered breakfast items, drinks served in eclectic mugs and a large tea selection. If I had to pick a favorite cafe from the trip, this would be it!


Nexus Coffee & Creative

This shop is downtown and has a special offering of flavored nitro coffees. I tried the blueberry basil flavor and its taste was true to its name. We visited while there was also an art event downtown and the place seemed to be a hub for all creatives. They also serve wine and beer.


Blue Sail Coffee

The shop sits inside a technology hall, so you can spend hours finishing whatever it is you need to work on. The cold brew was fantastic and the barista fit right in with the atmosphere. I was drawn by the name and the blue color palette.


Mylo Coffee Co.


This was in the Heights area and had an incredible selection of baked goods. They also have nice street seating so you can enjoy your mug of coffee outside while people watching!

Where is your favorite spot to travel for a quick trip? I love suggestions!

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