Urban Foxes

By this point we all know I spend a lot of time in coffee shops. It is my favorite way to spend a Saturday morning, Monday night, or quite frankly, any other moment of my life. Jackson, MS, has a plethora of options and seems to have an era of new cafes popping up around every corner. One fairly recent addition is Urban Foxes. Check out some of my favorite aspects of this local spot.


You know how you normally walk into a coffee shop and there is a hum of all the voices in the room coming to one? One of my favorite things about Urban Foxes is the absence of this hum. While conversation is welcome, you can find a corner to study away without interruption.


The most important aspect is the coffee of course. I am happy to report theirs is delicious and so are their baked goods. From vegan blueberry scones to tomato pie, they offer home cooking in a coffee shop. Gone are the packaged Sysco goods and welcome to real baked goods. They also have a cooler stocked with craft beer cans for those who prefer this option.

They offer oat, soy, coconut and almond milk for my fellow non-dairy friends!

The Little Things

These are the things that most people probably don’t notice, but after working in a coffee shop, I find very important.

  1. They offer water with reusable cups next to the cream and sugar so you don’t have to bother the barista.
  2. They have their wifi password posted on the walls- again, so you don’t have to bother the barista.
  3. They have two bathrooms which are both incredibly nice. The first one has a full length mirror as well as a convenient place to set your purse/phone. Plus how cute is this sign?img_0297
  4. They consistently post on social media which pastries they have available that day.
  5. They have a gorgeous porch with ample seating so you can enjoy the outdoors while remaining in the shade.
  6.  They have real plates and forks for you to enjoy your pie with if you choose to hang out at the cafe.
  7. This one may seem strange, but color affects me. Have you ever walked into Walmart and felt dizzy because of the white walls and harsh lighting (or is it just me)? Well, Urban Foxes has an orange and dark blue color palette that contributes to a relaxing tone and suits the space’s high ceilings well.

If you ever make a stop in Jackson,MS, be sure to check them out at 826 North Street on Monday-Saturday from 7am – 8 pm.

Cherry vanilla scone- yum!

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