Where to Find Inspiration: Personal Development

I have always been a fan of personal development, and continuously add to my list of inspiring individuals to help me through the process. Check out my favorite YouTube channels, podcasts and books to help in your personal growth story.

Let me know where you find inspiration and what aspect of personal development speaks to you!


Natalie Barbu

Natalie keeps it real as a YouTuber who recently quit her 9-5 to work on her other businesses full time. She understands both lifestyles and is constantly offering advice to those entering adulthood. I love that she isn’t afraid to tackle the everyday questions instead of just the “glamorous” parts.

Fitness Blender

Sometimes the gym is the last place I want to go after work, but I know I still want to get a workout in. The fitness couple known as ‘Fitness Blender’ offer quick, realistic workouts you can do at home. Don’t underestimate them, you’ll wake up sore the next day!

Yes Theory

You’ve probably heard of them before, but they are a group who challenges you to step outside your comfort zone. They do crazy things like asking strangers to fly around the world with them, or surviving in a foreign country with no money, purely to promote personal interaction.

Brittany Vasseur

This boss mom offers tips and tricks to organize your house, make laundry easier and budget your time. I love hearing her reviews on household products and it doesn’t hurt that her little boy is adorable!


The Minimalists Podcast

on Spotify

Joshua and Ryan tackle the topics of minimalism and budgeting. It is interesting to hear their take on the subject while learning how to decrease the clutter in your life along the way.



Own Your Everyday

by Jordan Lee Dooley

I mentioned Jordan’s podcast (She) in my last ‘Where to Find Inspiration’ post, but her book deserves a mention here. She is an entrepreneur and real-life woman who offers encouragement to go after your passion. Her book is whitty while remaining truthful of her struggles along the way.

This Naked Mind- Control Alcohol

by Annie Grace

While I’m not all the way through this book yet, I find it fascinating to learn the psychology behind why we drink. The book makes you aware of external factors that pressure you to drink and aims to rewire your thoughts so that alcohol is powerless in your life.

“Change is inevitable, growth is intentional.”

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