Vegetarian in Aruba

My family and I recently took a trip to Aruba, a Dutch island located in the south Caribbean Sea, and it was my first time traveling abroad as a vegetarian. While we did stay in an all-inclusive resort, we also ventured into the city to try some unique restaurants. Here is what I found in terms of vegetarian and vegan options:

The Barcelo Resort

This was our home base for the trip. They offered buffet style lunches and several sit-down restaurants for dinner. The buffet always had a salad bar and fruit; however, meat was often the main source of protein. I essentially made a platter each day for lunch of potatoes, salad, fruit, and whatever else was available. The restaurants offered menus with vegetarian labels, so dinner was much simpler. They were also very accommodating when made aware of my dietary decisions.


Azia Restaurant & Lounge

This Asian-inspired restaurant offered the most extraordinary meal I had while visiting. The eggplant tempura roll with mango was divine while accompanied with the sesame broccoli. They also had vegetarian markings on their menu. The restaurant had an edgy, modern feel and offered an excellent patio. I completed my meal with matcha gelato!


Faro Blanco

This Italian restaurant sits on top of a hill next to a gorgeous lighthouse and offers a view equally as breathtaking. Although pricey, the view alone is worth it for a special occasion. The best part- they have one of the largest vegan menus I’ve ever seen. The penne alla vodka was superb.


Giannis Italian Restaurant

This restaurant is massive and offers spaghetti that comes straight out of a cheese wheel- obviously a draw for tourists like ourselves. They also have vegan and vegetarian items noted on their menu. I decided on the the rigatoni 4 formaggi.


The Dutch Pancakehouse

They have savory, sweet, and everything in between. They also serve little pancakes called poffertjes that were phenomenal. I appreciated the large variety on their menu.


Craft Coffee & Bar

They offered soy milk and I really enjoyed the iced coffee. They also have acai bowls and other fruit bowls for those looking for a healthier breakfast.


While Aruba may not be know for their vegetarian options, I saw more effort and consideration by restaurants there than I do on a typical day in Mississippi. They were understanding and it was easy to skim down a menu looking for the green leaf- a luxury I do not normally have. If one thing’s for sure- there is no shortage of good food and excellent service on the island. It truly is one happy island.

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