The Gallows- A Speakeasy

“This is the exact spot where they hung people,” is not your typical introduction to a bar- yet that is exactly what we heard when entering The Gallows in Brandon, Mississippi.

Brandon is about 20 minutes away from where I live- yet I had never been. This past weekend a friend and I decided to “take a trip out of town” and check out the local speakeasy. It was an experience not to be forgotten.

The Gallows sits below Genna Benna’s, a restaurant in downtown Brandon. It has no signage, as speakeasies do, and thrives on word of mouth recognition. In fact, we had to ask the restaurant where the bar was located before following a sidewalk to two gray doors.

Upon entering, the aesthetic is beautiful with wood detailing and an aura that immediately takes you back in time. The bartender took us on a tour where we were led outside to see the gallow and the foundation of the establishment. To the left was the gallow, and the right was the former viewing area for the townspeople at the time.


It felt strange to view a gallow as a piece of architecture in a place intended for relaxation. The story is eerie, but the atmosphere is quite the opposite.

The history alone is enough to make you want to visit, but the service is unmatched. The bartenders were engaging and truly skilled in their craft. It is a personal atmosphere and you feel welcomed immediately.

Their cocktails are unique and they have intriguing names to match- The Bees Knees was our favorite. They offer ladies night specials and can curate based on your taste. They also host local musicians on the weekends to offer further entertainment.

We visited the Gallows on a whim, but it quickly became a destination. Although it was only a 20 minute drive, it truly felt like we took a trip out of town. It proves that exploring your own state can offer the same breath of fresh air as a plane ticket- but for a much lower price.


Brandon is also home to the Brandon Amphitheatre, a location I have not yet visited, but draws in big names like Widespread Panic and Luke Bryan.

Overall, I would highly recommend The Gallows to anyone visiting Mississippi, or just looking to switch up their weekend hangout. It takes a piece of the state’s history and turns it into new memories for those who visit.

Visit Brandon!

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