The Food Hall- Modernizing a City

I snapped a photo and was shocked by the image that followed. The background was modern, the food was innovative, and for just a second, I forgot I was in Jackson, Mississippi. I was in one of the most aesthetically pleasing and “on-trend” structures to make it to Jackson in a long time. Welcome to Cultivation Food Hall.

The food hall is nestled in The District at Eastover, a “city center” built in 2017. It is surrounded by shops, restaurants, apartments and home to many young professionals. The best part- it is a vegetarian’s paradise.

The food hall satisfies a wide variety of palettes and provides options like poké and avocado toast, unheard of in this area. It offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. Local Honey is one of my favorite spots because it offers healthy vegetarian options that go far beyond a salad.

The Skinny Surfer poké bowl with tofu

At the head of the establishment sits Gold Coast, a bar featuring unique and beautifully curated cocktails. I had previously experienced the hall during the day, but recently stopped in for a Saturday night drink. The bartenders have a genuine craft and you can tell they take pride in what they do.

While sitting at the bar, it almost felt as though we were in a hotel lobby in New York. The atmosphere was bustling and fast-paced behind us, yet time slowed for those with a seat at the bar. Families hurriedly fed their children before dinner, while couples were sipping their first cocktail of the night. I love the contradiction and appreciate the buzz in the atmosphere.

The Woodland Club

The food hall is a concept that brought life into Jackson while offering a unique way to dine. It is less structured than a traditional restaurant and provides a unique experience tailored to the needs of the individual. It can be a quick stop after work, or a destination for old friends.

I love Jackson, but it is impossible to be blind to the lag in growth. The city needs a resurgence in many areas and The District offers a glimpse into what modernizing the area can do. The food hall alone brings hope to the residents of Jackson. Hope that investors and young entrepreneurs see the potential and bring a vibrance back to the capital city.

Do you have a food hall in your city? What does your city do to continuously modernize?

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