Ride the Wave

I am constantly waiting. Waiting for the next opportunity, the next life phase, or even the next weekend. I have a constant need for more and I never feel fully content in my current situation.

This can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand it pushes me toward success, on the other hand it hinders my day-to-day happiness. It makes everything feel temporary and blocks all sense of commitment to the present moment. I’m trying to find a way to ride the wave.

Life will never be perfect-we will constantly be at highs and lows that can alternate overnight. Instead of jumping from one crest to the next, it can be beneficial to experience every dip and every break. Living in contentment does not mean there won’t be times of sadness or disappointment- it instead means recognizing and growing from such times. It is riding alongside the present moment and taking on each day with awareness.

unnamedI have to remind myself daily to do this. It is part of my nature to always look for something more, but since taking a moment to breathe I’ve found myself laughing a lot more and recognizing the beauty that was always in my current situation.

One mindset that really helped me is picturing life in that next phase. Think about everything you would miss, what would change and the people you would be leaving behind. Don’t let this stop you from pursuing your goals- rather let it serve as a reminder that you have a life to be grateful for right now.

Invest in your community and when the time comes to move on, you can leave proud of the impact you made. You can learn so much from the people around you and oftentimes it will be in the most unexpected way. While working as a journalist I met some of the most fascinating individuals who often flew under the radar. Take your current situation as a time to learn from such individuals and carry these lessons with you forever.

Riding the wave allows us to prepare for the next milestone and embrace change. When we give 100 percent to the present, the future will reward us. Take time to embrace a sunset, a good day at work, a local musician, and trust in the power of timing. We will make it to our next phase- but right now the wave is pretty nice.

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