My mom always told me her dad had one saying he repeated consistently: can do. Each time she or her siblings were struggling with a task in life he would tell them “can do.” This was always just a story to me, but recently I have recognized the weight behind those two simple words. Can do.

We spend so much time comparing ourselves to others and doubting our own strength that we sell ourselves short. I passed up opportunities in life purely because I did not think I was strong enough to handle them. My anxiety told me I would fail and I was better off staying exactly where I was. What I should have done is powered through. We learn from trial and error and sometimes bad experiences teach us more about ourselves than the good ones.

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Can do not only applies to tasks we must complete but also in our mental strength. Recently, I have felt weak. I felt weak in my friendships, in my actions, and in the opinion I held of myself.  I did not have enough faith in myself to realize that loneliness fades and it takes time to fill your life with meaningful relationships. Can do. You can rebuild yourself and your relationships and ultimately you will create a much more positive life for both yourself and the next person to walk into it.

Can do. Our bodies and our minds are as strong as we want them to be and life is made to be our own personal snow globe. It may get shaken up at times and we may feel a bit jostled, but the end result is beautiful. We are constrained only by the limits of our mind and we can shatter these with time.

I can’t wait to see what all of us are capable of once we fully believe in ourselves and let our passions carry us. I can’t wait until we let the limitations others impose on us disappear. I can’t wait until we can do.

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