Eat Up: JXN, MS

Jackson, Mississippi, is not an easy place to find vegetarian options. As someone who views the experience of eating out as one of the greatest social experiences, I had to find a way to continue these outings as a vegetarian. Here are my top spots to find vegetarian options on the menu without subjecting yourself to a salad every meal.

BRAVO! (Highland Village)

Shocker- BRAVO! has a vegan menu! The menu is not only online but also set out alongside the regular menu at every table. It was a breeze and the food came out incredibly fast. I ordered the campanelle with tomatoes and it was incredible.


To drink: They offer half bottles of wine that are perfect for two and a little easier on the wallet.

Krilakis (Ridgeland)

The veg delight gyro is my go-to meal. The sauce is perfect and they don’t skimp on the veggies. They also add a unique twist and garnish it with fries. I am always stuffed after I leave here.

To drink: You can bring your own wine and they will provide glasses! (Can you tell I like wine?)

*Kristos (Madison) and Keifer’s (Jackson) have similar, fantastic vegetarian options.

Aladdin Mediterranean Grill (Fondren)

First, start with the hummus. Then move on to the vegetable plate.  I don’t see this on their online menu but trust me it’s real! I usually have leftovers and it tastes great the second day around.

Dessert: The baklava is a great treat!

La Terrazas (Gluckstadt)

They have a vegetarian chimichanga on their menu! They actually have an entire section devoted to veggie options. The food is incredible and they have a porch that is adorable in the warm weather.

To drink: Two for one margaritas of course.

*Green Ghost Tacos (Fondren) also has great veggie tacos and is perfect for lunch.

Babalu (Fondren)

They have, by far, one of the best black bean burgers I’ve ever tasted. The spices they use on this thing will blow your mind and it’s great for meat-lovers who are just looking for something flavorful. It is not what you think of when you think of a veggie patty.

They also have great veggie tacos for a much lower price on Taco Tuesdays.

To drink: Any of their seasonal cocktails!

Thai Tasty (Jackson)

This is one of my all-time favorite places. They always remember my order and are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I get the pad thai with veggies instead of meat. They are always sure to ask if egg is okay, so vegans out there you are protected.

The lemongrass tofu is also incredible.


To drink: The thai iced tea tastes like dessert. You can brown bag here as well.

Majestic Burger (Ridgeland)

One night I was craving a burger. I had to have one. I crossed my fingers and hoped Majestic Burger would have a vegetarian option. Not only did they have that, but they also have a vegan burger! I tried the veggie burger and it was not a disappointment.

On the side: Sweet potato fries are delicious with honey mustard.

Little Saigon (Brandon)

This place is great for fresh, clean food. However, it can be a little heavy on the wallet. Their food is so good you just might not mind. I get the veggie vermicelli noodle bowl and add tofu. The veggie spring rolls are fantastic!

On the side: Order extra peanut sauce. Just trust me.


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