Grace saves guilt

“Grace is being at ease with the world, even when life tosses wine down your pants.”

This comes from the opening page of Sarah L. Kaufman’s “The Art of Grace.” This current selection from the books piling up on my bedside table has intrigued me from the first page.

I’ve always thought of grace as purely movement, simply the way in which we present ourselves. However, this book is opening my eyes to a new definition. Grace can be the way in which we interact with the world, it can surround our movement, our thoughts, and even our words.

As a college student, I feel we can relate to this refined definition a lot more. Think about the last time you did something you wish you hadn’t, or said something you would do everything to take back. Now, envision yourself handling those situations with grace- with a calmness that makes your words and actions combine effortlessly.

This is something we can all strive for. We can all strive to be more self-aware and attempt to think just a moment longer before reacting to a negative situation.

Are you going through a break up? Handle it with grace. Show those around you that although you may be hurting inside, grace can still be maintained in your daily interactions- even with that person. A moment of grace may save many moments of guilt or regret.

Entering a job interview and nervous beyond belief? Handle it with grace. Compose yourself so effortlessly that the employer feels you already work there. Put yourself in the positive mindset that is grace, and let it carry you through. Let the sense of ease transform you into the person you have always wanted to be.

In my life, I need to find grace in my reactions, I need to find grace at work, and I need to find grace in every relationship I have. Grace can lead to such a beautiful sense of the world, a sense only felt by someone who feels sure of the way they present themselves.

According to Kaufman, “It [Grace] is most apparent when we have fallen, when we are bare.”

Use grace as an inspiration to pick up and keep going, do not view it as an unattainable threshold. Use grace to transform whatever phase of life you are in and come out of it that much better.


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