On becoming a connoisseur of life

I have always been the type of person to be interested in everything, but master nothing. I would move on to a different hobby each week and never fully indulge myself in it. My interests ranged from wanting to become the next editor of Vogue to wanting to become a coffee connoisseur. I would throw myself into every magazine and researched each coffee until my interest dulled and I moved to the next obsession. This bothered me for quite some time. Why couldn’t I entirely devote myself to one thing.. why did I know a little bit about everything, yet not everything about anything? However, I have recently made some revelations in response to these questions.

I do not devote myself entirely to one subject because there is much more in the world to learn about. Had I spent years trying to become a wine expert, I would have never moved on to so many other phases. These phases shape who we are and each one leads to something more satisfactory. Although stability is certainly important in life, that does not have to pertain to what interests us. We are exposed to so many new things daily that it would be impossible not to deviate from one thing to the next.

After realizing this I gave my seemingly random, wildly impulsive interests a new title. I decided that I, like many others, am a connoisseur of life. I may not have any single skill perfected, but I am able to nourish my daily need for adventure through these ever-changing interests. I challenge you to open yourself up to every hobby; better yet, to do something you know you will fail at. There is no greater lesson in life than failure and it should not diminish us, but help us grow. Satisfy your soul daily and you will become a connoisseur in every way possible.

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