We spend a lot more time trying to decide who to be instead of just being. We circulate ideas in our minds until we grow tired of them and end up right where we started. Being does not require much of the individual. It is simply casting away social expectations and weak ideas of conformity. It is so much easier to just accept what your soul was meant to be.

Why do we spend so much time wasted in selfish thought and fighting? The world was not meant to be this way. We were all born in union and these ideas of hatred are stemmed off of unhealthy competition and jealousy. Each of us has a purpose and that purpose is intended to be carried out. When your fight your natural sense of being you become afraid, not of the world but of yourself. You feel the inner struggle inside of you but refuse to do anything about it.

Do not waste time in arguments or uncertainty. There is a natural order to the world and timing is no accident. So many people fail to recognize the power of timing or of disappointment. Disappointment is purely a sign that your life is headed in another direction. Your being was meant to discover something else that will be so much greater than what you thought had disappointed you. Do not waste time trying to figure yourself or the status of your relationships out because these things are already decided.

If you do not know who you are quite yet, that is okay. We were not meant to have ourselves completely figured out in our 20s, 30s, or possibly until the day we die. Spend time living and these answers will present themselves in time. Decide to do what makes you happy and spend time with the people who make this possible for you. We are meant to live in peace and not to be so caught up in the details of insecurity. Make it your mission to just be and soon your life will follow its natural course.

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